Types Of Sinks: A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types

The sink that you use in your kitchen can make a huge difference. The right sink can help to cut down on mess and keep things organized when doing dishes.

Many types of sinks are available today, from the traditional single-basin kitchen sink to dual-basin under-mounts and even large farmhouse-style sinks for people who have larger families.

There are various types of sinks available in the market. You can find them in a variety of colors, materials, and shapes. If you’re planning on installing a sink or replacing your sink with a new one, you must be aware of the different sink types available to choose from.

Choosing the right sink for your kitchen is not a difficult or time-consuming task. There are a few types that you can choose from based on your requirements. Read this comprehensive guide for an overview of different types of sinks so you can find the perfect one for your needs!

What Is Sink?

A sink is a kitchen appliance that consists of a sink bowl, usually made out of enameled cast iron or stainless steel, which has rimmed sides and is supported by one or more vertical pipes.

It is typically in the shape of an “L” and installed beneath the countertop. It forms part of the work surface for preparing food in kitchens, and its primary purpose is to catch spills from dishes, pots, and pans.

The sink is normally installed below the level of the countertop, and sink basins made from other materials besides metal are sometimes used. The sink type that you should choose depends on your tastes and on how much money you’re willing to spend.

You can find a wide variety of sink types in different shapes, sizes, and colors. There are handles available in various finishes for most sink types, such as brass, chrome, or stainless steel.

Metal sink types come in various sizes ranging from 20 to 50 inches wide and 8 to 18 inches deep. Let’s look into the options available to you, and then we’ll be able to decide which sink is the best one for us.

Types Of Sink — A Comprehensive Guide

Corner Sink

Corner sinks are specially designed for smaller kitchens, so you can use them to give your kitchen an upgrade without spending a lot of money. They occupy less space and are easy to install.

A corner sink is a sink that can be mounted in the corner of any room, such as a kitchen or lavatory though it has been used for a long in kitchens.

It is not only installed in small spaces where other types of sink cannot fit, but also it will give you freedom and space for storage under the sink area.

These sinks are available with open or closed corners, so both kinds are good options if you want to save some money on your sink purchase and maintain hygiene standards in your kitchen since these sinks have no corners where food particles could gather rot.

A corner sink comes with an overflow drain at the back, so water drained out from the sink does not accumulate beneath the sink. It is recommended that you use a sink grate with this sink for safety and easy cleaning purpose.

In addition to this, sink waste should be installed at the height of roughly 8 inches from the floor, so the sink will not make any contact with the food items placed in the sink area, or sink waste would overflow out of the sink when the water level increases due to high-speed water disposal leading bacteria to form inside sink bowl and spread around your kitchen.

The corner sink is divided into two parts: the upper part is called a Shelf Sink, and the lower part is known as Waste Disposal Corner Sinks. A shelf can be fixed on the corner sink’s walls using bolts, nuts, and wing nuts, which help keep utensils like plates, glasses, etc.

The sink has a single lever faucet that can be used for sink waste disposal purposes. Most of these corner sink wastes are available with lift rods and sink stoppers, though some prefer to buy separately if they are not included in the package.

The corner sink is easy to clean and requires less maintenance as it doesn’t need frequent cleaning due to the accumulation of water at the corners.

It also comes in various sizes, colors, and designs, so you would get one that fits perfectly into your kitchen space without any hassle.

Bar Sink

The bar sink, also known as the utility sink, is a sink that can be installed either underneath the countertop or on top of it. This type of sink usually comes with an integrated soap dispenser and an overflow drain to make sure that any water spills from the sink would flow into a drip tray.

Bar sinks are great for small kitchens and are often seen as more decorative since they are usually made from sink materials like ceramic or porcelain. This sink is an excellent option if you’re looking for a sink that will be used sparingly.

The most common types of bar sinks are the single-bowl sink and the three-quarter sink. The former only has one bowl, while the latter comes with one sink bowl and two smaller ones.

Bar sinks are often used to countersink installation, where they will be mounted underneath the kitchen sink cabinet. This sink type is usually made from ceramic or cast iron, making it easy to clean.

Some bar sinks have pull-out faucets, which makes it easy to clean the sink. There are also smaller bar sink types that are made from stainless steel and glass. Bar sink fittings vary greatly, so choose carefully depending on what you need.

For example, a sink with an integrated sink board is great for homes with a sink and countertop-free kitchen. One of the most common bowl configurations that you will find in bar sink types is the double and single sink.

The former has two sink bowls, while the latter has only one sink bowl. The sink bowls usually vary in size as well, which is why you should pick carefully depending on your needs.

Bar sink types are suitable for small kitchens since they usually don’t take up too much counter space. You will often find sink types at home improvement stores, where it’s possible to try out sink types if you’re going sink shopping.

Some bar sink types are also designed with matching faucets and other sink accessories to give your kitchen sink a cohesive look. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy the entire set; you can also buy sink types separately.

Undermount Sink

An under-mount sink is a sink that has been mounted underneath the kitchen counter. These types of sinks are often used in modern kitchens. They are easy to clean, and they consume less space than other types of sinks.

The sink is placed directly onto the counter, secured by a mounting bracket. The sink is fixed to the underside of the countertop and, therefore, they are called an under-mount sink.

Undermount sink can be used with any type of countertops such as laminate or natural stone. The sink base comes in many different finishes like stainless steel, granite, and even porcelain. The choice of finish is based on the sink material.

The sink is often made of porcelain or steel; they are available in a variety of sizes and styles. An under-mount sink comes in two parts: sink and mounting frame.

Sinks are typically made of 18/10 stainless steel, enamel, or porcelain. Undermount sink can be installed with a sink cutout template that is manufactured for accuracy.

The sink is then fastened underneath the countertop by a professional contractor. The sink is installed with 2-hole faucet holes or 3-holes, depending on the sink design.

Farmhouse Sink

The Farm sink is a sink ranging from one to six feet in length and about half as wide. The sink consists of three different pieces: the sink bowl (made of Granite), the drainboard (also made of Granite or any other durable material), and the sink base.

A farm sink may be mounted either under-mounted or as a sink-on-counter sink. It is beneficial in the kitchen since it provides ample space for washing food and cleaning pans. They are also quite economical, being economical themselves.

The sink bowl and drainboard can be customized according to your choice of color (usually available in natural colors like brown or tan). In contrast, the base may be customized as per your sink’s plumbing configuration.

Depending on the material used, a farm sink costs anywhere between $300-$600.

Top Mount Kitchen Sink

A top mount kitchen sink is a type of kitchen sink in which the drain assembly is mounted on top of the countertop. It is usually made from vitreous china, and it is used for either above-counter or under-cabinet installations.

The top mount kitchen sinks provide more storage room than their counterparts that sit on top of the countertop. You should also note that top mount kitchen sinks are more expensive to manufacture than the conventional sink because they use thicker materials.

The top mount kitchen sink is also available in two forms regarding its use. One top mount kitchen sink that is known as the drop-in top mount sinks are those sinks that can be installed into the cabinet opening by using a countertop template; it requires a top mounting installation which means you have to cut a hole on your top or bottom cabinet lip.

The top mount kitchen sink, also known as under-counter top mount sinks, are those not attached to the cabinets; they have built-in brackets that can be screwed on top of a cabinet.

It is necessary to ensure that your top mount kitchen sink has four legs or supports if you are installing it underneath your top counter. The top-mounted under countertop mount sinks have adjustable legs that can be removed for under cabinet installations and reinstall in order to set on top of cabinets for above cabinet installations.

Top mount kitchen sinks as top-mounted require top two countertops cut out from the top cabinet lip and top one from the bottom of a base cabinet, making it different from under-counter top mount sinks.

It is necessary for you to ensure that the sink you want to buy should fall between 37 inches and 48 inches in order for it to fit in the top mount kitchen sink installation.

You should also ensure that your top mount kitchen sink has a top space above the countertop, between 2 inches and 12 inches for under-counter top mount sinks, and at least 6 to 8 inches for top-mounted top mount kitchen sinks.

Single Bowl Sink

A sink is a countertop fixture that you use for washing or cleaning dishes and other kitchen utensils. Its main purpose is to drain water from the sink.

A sink can be installed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, with most of them having either single bowl or double bowl options to minimize water splash-back. The types of the sink are:

The single sink is probably the most common sink design out there, with it being made from sink material like steel or ceramic. It’s easy to clean and maintain these types of sinks.

The sink can be manually washed or left to drain after a wash. They’re also easier to install compared to other types because they have only one sink bowl.

The sink is one of the essential components in your kitchen, with it being used to wash and clean all types of utensils that you use for cooking and other activities.

As such, choosing the right sink for your kitchen can be a tough decision. But this article will guide you through the process easier to help you choose the sink that will fit your kitchen requirements.

Kitchen Sink With Drainboard

A sink with a drainboard is a sink that has a built-in draining board. This sink can be used for food preparation or washing dishes; it has a sink basin and a sink bowl on the top and sides to hold the sink basin.

This sink can be mounted or free-standing, similar to pedestal sinks. The sink basin is mounted on the sink bowl with gaskets and screws. This sink has a drainboard that can be attached to the sink, allowing water to flow through the sink into the drainpipe.

The sink bowl and sink basin are made of stainless steel or porcelain. They have feet that can help prevent them from scratching floor surfaces. A sink with a drainboard is easier to install than other types of the sink because it does not require plumbing.

It has a sink basin, which makes washing plates and pots or cleaning vegetables easy. This sink also has good storage space for storing cleaner and soap.

Many modern kitchen designs use a sink with a drainboard as their primary choice because they are functional and have a decorative appeal. The sink with drainboard is customizable and can be customized according to the space available in the sink area.

However, sink with drainboards are generally used for sinks that have room beneath them. You could choose how wide you want your sink basin to be; however, the sink bowl should be a minimum of 6 inches deep.

The sink with drainboard can be installed as a sink basin or sink bowl only and does not require a sink cabinet. 2Installation is simple; you could put it anywhere in the sink area, just ensure that there is enough space below the sink basin or sink bowl for the proper drainage system.

Kitchen Island Sink

A sink in a kitchen island is usually made of stainless steel. Some types of the sink may also be available in marble or stone material as well. The sink may or may not come with a faucet.

A sink that comes with a faucet is usually the same model as the sink itself and does not have separate controls for water temperature. The sink in a kitchen island is commonly used for washing vegetables and fruits.

Kitchen islands are attractive and popular because they take up less space than regular kitchen sinks. This is an important feature for small apartments and kitchens in apartments.

A sink that is not part of a kitchen island is often used as a prep sink; it is a sink used mostly for washing vegetables, fruits, and other food items before they are cooked or eaten. The prep sink usually has separate faucet controls.

An island sink takes up much less space than a regular-sized sink. It may even completely eliminate the need for a dishwasher in some households as it allows the sink to be reserved for non-dishwashing activities.

While countertops are also often used for prep work, they tend only to accommodate smaller items like onions, garlic, and small utensils. If the sink is big enough, you can wash a cooking pot in it.

Such a sink can also be used to wash salad greens or clean fruits as they come to your table at a restaurant.

Integrated Sink

An integrated sink is also called an “integrated drain.” It can be said that the integrated sink has many advantages: It is easier to clean because it doesn’t have a cover, and there are no faucet holes and drainage channels.

In addition, the stainless steel used for the manufacturing process has good corrosion resistance, the products are made of good quality, and the price is reasonable.

There are two types of an integrated sinks – single bowl and double bowl integrated sinks. Some people don’t care for the drain, but they would like to have a glass cover on the top of the sink, making it more clean and beautiful.

So this type of mixed design is also trendy. The glass cover is used on the upper part of the sink, which can be opened from time to time and is easier to clean. So with this design, it will be a good choice for your kitchen.

Since the integrated sink has many advantages, it has been widely applied in modern kitchens. Although some people say that the integrated drain has many disadvantages, it is a good choice for most people.

In addition to these two types of integrated sinks, the different materials used to make them are also different. First, the integrated sink is space-saving and can save some space for your kitchens.

In addition, it is easy to clean, and you don’t need to care about the drainage hole. The water will automatically flow down with gravity, making it much easier for you to clean.

Since it doesn’t have any faucet holes and drainage channels, it is easier for you to clean. On the other hand, the integrated sink has some disadvantages.

First of all, some people say that it doesn’t look good. And there is no glass cover on the top, which makes it not as beautiful as most sinks. However, if you compare the integrated sink with the other type of sinks, you will find that there are many advantages to the integrated sink.

And these two types of disadvantages are not so important which can be ignored by most people. But you should keep in mind that if you choose an integral drain for your kitchen, you have to make sure it is water-proof and anti-corrosion.

That’s all some basic information about the integrated sink.

Double Basin Sink

To take care of hygiene, it is good to have a nice sink in the kitchen. Here are some features that should be considered for a wish list for a double basin sink

The sinks need to be large enough, which can be calculated by considering the number of family members, and the requirement also needs to consider cleaning utensils like pots and pans.

If the sink is not large enough and water is splashed on the floor by mistake. Then it becomes messy and difficult to clean up. So it’s important that the perfect size of double basin sink should be considered for kitchen designing.

The second thing is about the shape of the double basin sink, which has to be circular in shape. If it is a rectangle or square, then it doesn’t look nice and also there is not much space available for cleaning things.

So a better-shaped sink can be achieved if it’s made circular in shape without any interruptions on its edges. The color of the sink should be light in order to keep it clean.

The color and finishing of a sink should also be water-resistant because it’s placed in the kitchen area, which is mostly in contact with utensils, cooking oil, or disinfectants that are organic chemicals.

The size of the sink will depend on how many people there are in the house. The radius of the sink is proportional to the number of people in the family, and those who are single can use this feature quite effectively.

Any person’s choice would be stainless steel sinks because it gives a neat and clean appearance according to our need. Also, it’s easy to wash and maintain. The corners of these types of sinks are easy to clean in a better way, and so they make the kitchen look good.

The double basin sink contains two bowls of different sizes, which makes it unique from a single basin sink. It’s easier to wash dishes and utensils easily when there is a double bowl than a single bowl because one person can be washing while the other keeps an eye on the things.

Nowadays, a lot of people are very much concerned about the space for their homes because it’s hard to find space anywhere in the world. So if you have a kitchen double basin sink, then it will consume more space than its counterparts.

But nowadays, designers are working on various products that can save some space hence making the sink double basin.

Final Verdict

If you’ve ever been in a position where you need to replace your kitchen or bathroom sink, then the chances are that the process has left you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what type is best for your needs.

Perhaps we can help! In this definitive guide on types of sinks, we have discussed all the various sinks so that you know which one is right for your home.

The secret to replacing a kitchen or bathroom sink successfully hinges on knowing exactly what it will be used for before making a decision. Are there any other questions about our selection?

Let us know below, and someone from our team will get back with an answer as soon as possible.

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