Types Of Kitchen Sink Materials [Complete Guide]

Looking for information on different types of kitchen sink materials? We have picked the top 16 top materials for our readers.

The kitchen sink is the most used and most abused room in the house. It’s where you do your dishes, wash up, clean vegetables, and scrub pots. And it’s also where all sorts of food scraps, grease, and other garbage accumulate.

It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it – that somebody being YOU! Luckily for you, there are many types of kitchen sink materials from which to choose when selecting a new sink: stainless steel; copper; cast iron; enameled cast iron; porcelain-coated cast iron, etc.

Which one should you pick? Here are some things to consider: We will shed some light on the different types of kitchen sink materials so that you can decide which one is best for your home.

List Of Different Types Of Kitchen Sink Materials

1. Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel is popular in kitchens because it has been found to be a very durable material. If you choose a stainless steel sink, it may be the last one you have to buy. The pretty shining finish on the metal is easy to maintain and clean.

A stainless steel kitchen sink may be more expensive than a simple one made of plastic, but in the end, you may find that it will save you money because it’s very durable and long-lasting.

You can usually have your stainless steel kitchen sink with you for as long as ten years or more. In addition, kitchen sinks made of stainless steel are very easy to clean.

Most kitchen sinks have a non-porous surface so there is no way for food or bacteria to hide away and multiply before you get around to cleaning the sink. You can find single basin stainless steel sinks as well as double ones.

The best part about having a double stainless steel kitchen sink is that you save a lot of space. By having two sinks, the kitchen will look more spacious and well arranged.

I believe stainless steel kitchen sinks are worth considering if you enjoy the idea of getting something long-lasting as well as attractive in your kitchen.

2. Cast Iron Sink

A cast iron sink is an old-fashioned type of sink which is usually big and heavy. Such a sink usually offers extra counter space for storing utensils like sponges, cleaning agents, and measuring cups.

In the past, cast iron sinks were regularly used in garages as well as in-home basements, but today they are making a come back, and it is becoming more popular than ever.

Since cast iron sink is usually hefty, they do not easily get damaged or broken. These sinks are rarely scratched, thus require less maintenance. It can withstand harsh conditions such as physical abuse, heat, and cold very easily.

Another benefit of this sink is that they do not get stained even after prolonged use. They also do not scratch, thus reducing the amount of cleanup needed.

Even if a cast iron sink gets scratched or damaged, it can easily be patched up with minimal repairs done on it. These sinks are very easy to clean and can be cleaned using soap, hot water, or bleach.

Additionally, this sink has a natural ability to resist staining as well as rusting. They don’t usually harbor molds and bacteria, thus making them less susceptible to infections.

If the cast iron sink is properly looked after, then it can last a lifetime. They are not very expensive and thus do not require regular maintenance. A cast iron sink can serve you for years without getting damaged or even becoming loose.

These sinks are highly trusted as they seldom crack, chip corners, or get dents on them. These sinks are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can buy it online or from any retail store near you.

Such sinks can be expensive, but they will not become loose, bend or chip even after years of use. The cast iron sink has been used for centuries since it is extremely durable and has a natural ability to remain in top condition.

3. Fireclay Sink

Fireclay is a kind of clay that has been fired in order to harden it. It is then used by the stonemason as part of tiling jobs or paneling jobs, among others. Fire clay is the natural source of colors such as amber, purple, or even white.

They are widely used in the construction industry for their affordable prices and attractive appearance.  The fireclay’s ability to withstand high temperatures means that it will not be stained by foods of any kind.

Plus, it is easy to clean as long as the user doesn’t leave food on the surface for extended periods of time and doesn’t use abrasive cleaning chemicals. At the end of the day, this kitchen sink is an example of what you might call a “quality over quantity” choice.

Fireclay kitchen sinks are not cheap, but they are very long-lasting and can last for decades without receiving any kind of maintenance. Before you purchase a fireclay kitchen sink, it’s best that you think about the kind of maintenance your family does in the kitchen.

The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on something that isn’t going to give you many years, especially if you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to clean the sink on a day-to-day basis.

Depending on your family’s habits, it could be financially smarter to purchase a stainless steel kitchen or an instant mount kitchen instead. If you love pedestal sinks like us then you can get various options in fireclay pedestal sinks.

The other problem with fireclay sinks is that there are not many brands that offer them for sale. You will have to do some investigating and get in touch with a company that specializes in fireclay kitchen sinks if you really want to select this type of sink for your home.

4. Granite Sink

If you want a durable, beautiful, and highly functional sink, you should consider purchasing a sink made out of granite. This sink type comes in a variety of different colors and styles that can give your sink an entirely new look.

Granite sinks come in all types sizes, including small, medium, and large, to accommodate sink bowls ranging from 4″ to 30″. These sink bowls can hold up to 300 gallons of water.

Sinks made out of granite are easy to clean and scratch-resistant sink type that helps keep your sink looking beautiful. These sinks are perfect for everyday use, including everyday sink activities like washing dishes or washing hands.

Since sink bowls made out of granite composite materials are commonly used in luxury homes, you can be sure this sink type will last you a long time.  This sink is a popular sink for the kitchen sink and can also be used in the bathroom sink area.

The sink itself is stylish and versatile, allowing it to be easily used in any room or space, including home restaurants, bars, cafes, and small offices.  Sinks made out of granite are available at our sink reviewer website.

Since we can help with sink selection, sink pricing and sink installation, it is a good choice if you are planning a sink purchase.

5. Quartz Sink

A quartz sink is a form of stone material [or quartz] that has been specially produced to use as a kitchen countertop. Quartz sinks are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors ranging from black quartz to green quartz.

Some quartz sinks have beautiful crystalline patterns and the quartz surface can be polished or honed to produce different colors. Quartz material is often chosen over granite or marble because quartz material is stronger and more durable than other types of stone.

Also, quartz can withstand high temperatures, it’s easy to clean, and quartz stays cool underwater making it ideal for use in the kitchen sink. Many quartz sinks also include decorative accessories such as brass handles, quartz counter-top clips, and quartz wall brackets.

A quartz sink is a form of stone material [quartz] that has been specially produced to use as a kitchen countertop. Quartz sinks are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors ranging from black quartz to green quartz.

6. Vitreous Enamel Sink

Vitreous enamel sink is composed of vitreous enamel. It has characteristics such as no acid, alkali, salt, and other corrosion properties; without rust or scratches; it is not easy to discolor in sunlight; it does not require maintenance treatment; wear-resistant, tough but not brittle; long life span.

The vitreous enamel sink has a beautiful appearance. So vitreous enamel sink is widely used in the home and building decoration areas such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, and other places.

There are two types of vitreous enamel sink manufacture: metal-organic chemical silane adsorption technology and electrostatic spray technology. The former process is divided into three stages: the first stage porcelain needs to be baked; the second stage baking after adhering to porcelain Coating the third stage.

The latter process needs special spraying equipment in a way that the particles will be sprayed to form a large number of silane groups on the surface of ceramic items, then after glazing.

So the vitreous enamel sink will last long with great beauty. It is widely used in the bathroom, kitchen, and other places. There are a lot of advantages when using a vitreous enamel sink. It can be recycled use many times, which is eco-friendly.

It has high light transmission, beautiful appearance, and good safety performance. So vitreous enamel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It has a smooth surface that is easy to clean and looks clean.

Although vitreous enamel sink has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages, such as the price is a little higher than other materials. Besides, it is not easy to repair and maintenance; if there are scratches in the sink or broken porcelain, it needs to be replaced.

7. Resin Sink

Resin sinks are used in modern baths and kitchens. Resin sinks are made by mixing the epoxy resin with polyester resins and color pigments, which are then mixed well. A molding machine, dried, will mold it and then cut it into the final shape.

Most of them use large-scale production machines, which can produce high-quality resin sinks. Resin sinks are highly resistant to corrosive material and heat and the safety of their chemical components.

When it is in touch with water for a long time, the surface becomes smooth like natural stone. It also has good stain resistance, so it’s easily cleaned up and will not be stained. Resin sinks are usually used in the bathroom, kitchen, and washroom because of their good corrosion resistance.

When it is soaked in water for a long time, it will not be rough like other sink materials. Resin sinks are available in different colors, and the color can be customized according to customer requirements.

The main raw material is epoxy resin, which has excellent elasticity and many other properties. It is far more superior to ordinary plastic products in terms of environment, health, safety, and durability.

Thus it has become popular in recent years. Resin sinks have good anti-acid corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid, chromic acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and so on. It is not easy to be stained by oil.

The color of the sink will remain for a long time. Resin sinks are firm and durable in structure with high strength-bearing capacity. It can bear loading 3600 kg per m² without deforming itself.

Resin sinks have good heat resistance. It can work at a high temperature of no lower than 60°C, which is good for washing machines and cupboards. The maximum loading capacity when it works under an environment of 200 °C is 4kg per m².

8. Copper Sink

Copper sinks are mostly used in the kitchen. It is widely because the people think that it looks nice and more importantly, its excellent resistance to corrosion. The price of the copper sink is higher than those of other sink materials such as stainless steel and ceramic.

However, due to its great advantages, a lot of architects love it all over the world. Copper sinks are usually made from pure copper that is placed in a mold and then polished to achieve the perfect shape.

In order to secure durability, it is necessary to use many layers of unique lacquer to protect against corrosion. The advantage of using copper is that people can keep their original color and brightness forever.

And it is very easy to clean up since you only need water and a soft sponge. Since copper sinks are heavier than other sink materials, you have to make sure there is strong support under the tubular base of the sink.

Moreover, if your home has too old pipes made from cast iron, you need to replace them with new pipes, at least the ones below the copper sink.  In this case, after the installation of your new copper sink, you should also do a test by covering raw eggs or soap bars in different places around the sink.

If there is no sign of corrosion during two weeks, it means that everything works just fine. Before installing your new copper sink, you should check first if there are any broken parts.

If it has no broken pieces, you can use steel wool to polish and clean it up in order to remove the dirt that was attached after production.  Finally, just prepare the extra layer of lacquer to avoid the damage of corrosion.

After using your new copper sink, you should wash it with clean water. In order to make sure that your copper sink is in good condition, you can wax it once a year by applying some coat of wax on the surface. This wax will enable your copper sink to become brighter and last longer.

9. Porcelain Sink

A porcelain sink is a sunken vessel that has been made of ceramic. It has been designed to fit underneath the countertop and between cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. Nowadays, you come across these sinks as an alternative to the regular sinks.

The construction of this sink requires a specific type of underlayment. Usually, it will be some type of backer board. In case there is a gap, you can use grout to fill it in. The countertop may be laminate or solid surface material.

This sink has been constructed using high-quality porcelain and vitreous china that ensures durability and strength. Due to their strength and impermeability to liquids, these sinks are free from any kind of defects like leaks and cracks.

Also, it can be easily cleaned since there is no fear of scratches. The porcelain sink comes with a grate that has been attached to the bottom. It facilitates easy installation by covering up existing metallic objects in your kitchen or bathroom floor.

Porcelain sinks are said to be very low-maintenance. You can easily clean it by just washing it using warm water and mild soap. A porcelain sink can also bring a new style element to your bathroom without compromising on the functionality and practicality of the structure.

These sinks provide you with plenty of room for storage while keeping all the items you may need close to you and visible. They have been designed in such a manner that even with the presence of water, they will not become slippery or wet.

The porcelain sink is very safe for your family as well since when compared to the other sinks, this one is a lot stronger and does not allow leakage of any kind. As these sinks are very attractive, they can elevate the appearance of your bathroom and kitchen.

They also have a limited lifespan since they do not get damaged easily. This means you will have to spend less on repairs and replacements in the future. An added advantage of using these sinks is that there is no risk of tiny particles getting trapped in small corners or cracks.

These sinks are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Hence you can choose one that will best suit your kitchen or bathroom.

10. Marble Sink

Marble sinks provide a nice decorative element to the sink. They can be used as washbasins for bathrooms or in the kitchen and give a unique look to your bathroom.

As marble is a natural resource, each piece will have different patterns and colors. The patterns may vary depending on how old they are and where they’re located.

Marble is very hard to maintain. It’s highly recommended that you seal marble sinks the moment they get installed; if the sink has been used for a long period of time without being sealed and left wet, it may start decaying, leaving ugly marks and stains on your sink.

This natural resource can help give an old house a nice touch of class if used in the right way. Granites are the most common material used for marble sinks and can be found in many different states.

Still, you can also find marble slabs being sold from exotic locations such as Africa, Italy, or India. Marble Sinks usually have a very good resale value, so your investment won’t go to waste.

They also tend to cost higher than other sinks Apart from that, Marble Sinks are very resistant to high temperatures and can withstand a lot of pressure without breaking or cracking.

Some people prefer Marble Sinks over Granite because marble is softer; therefore, they don’t scratch as easily. Marble Sinks are very popular nowadays and can be found in many homes; Marble Sinks are usually bigger than normal sinks (some of them are even big enough to bathe in) and come in various colors; marble sink comes with different colors mountings such as countertop or floor mounted.

Marble Sinks are usually made from natural materials imported from all over the world, with different patterns and colors. They are usually used in bathrooms that have very good ventilation as it is very porous.

11. Ceramic Sink

Ceramic Sink is a type of sink with its body made out of ceramics or stone. They are found in residential and commercial properties because these sinks are very durable and cheap.

In the past, ceramic sinks were extremely pricey, and only those who could afford them used to have this kind of kitchen sink. But today, these sinks are available at just an affordable price in the market. Ceramic sinks are long-lasting and more durable than porcelain as well as metal ones.

It is made out of clay which gets dried up to form a hard surface that can be used for making a ceramic sink. These shined sinks come with glazing over them, which gives them a shiny look.

There are many designs available in the ceramic sink like round, square, rectangular, and oval-shaped sinks. Ceramic Sink is available in various thicknesses from 3/4″ to 2″.

The weight of the ceramic sink also differs with different sizes and depending on the material used for manufacturing them, such as earthenware, cement, or glazing over it.

These sinks are made up of various thicknesses, which makes these sinks more durable and hard-wearing than other types of ceramic sinks. These sinks can withstand the high heat produced by hot stoves and also need very little care as they don’t have many nooks where dust can get stuck onto.

12. Solid Surface Sink

The solid surface sink is constructed with non-porous material, which can be cleaned easily. It has no cracks or scratches on the surface as well, and it will not absorb stain due to its smooth surface.

You can install it in your bathroom, kitchen, or other places that need a sink. There are many things to know about this product. Firstly, it is very strong and durable, which can easily hold the heavyweight compared to other sink types.

Moreover, this product also has a different design that you want, like a simple or unique one according to your need. In addition, you may get a chance to choose the color and pattern as well.

The solid surface sink is very flexible, and it can be modified easily according to your needs. You may also get the chance to choose the design, material, and color that you want for it without any difficulty.

It is durable, strong, and does not have cracks or scratches easily. But, there are some things that you need to consider before investing in it. Furthermore, this product does not absorb stains as well because of the smooth surface.

But, it is not suitable for the bathroom with little heat or water, such as a shower room. It will also change its color when you use chemical cleaner to clean it regularly.

In addition, this product is also expensive than other types of sink, which are made from normal materials. The solid surface sink is made of a durable and strong material that resists damage easily.

Moreover, it can be cleaned very easily, and it has no cracks or scratches on the surface as well. Furthermore, you may choose the design, color, and pattern that you want without any difficulty. But, there are still some things to consider before investing in this product.

13. Glass Sink

If you are planning to have a glass sink in your new bathroom, you should know that there are many different styles available on the market. You can find everything from a popular vessel-style glass sink to traditional oval bowl-shaped sinks or something more industrial-looking such as a trough sink.

Maybe you want your new sink to be colored, so you will find lots of glass sinks that come in various tones, ranging from pure white to black. You should know that a colored sink can really improve your bathroom’s appearance because it reflects light and makes the place look brighter.

However, keep in mind that it will be more prone to staining if you choose a colored glass sink than a white one. Nowadays, the best non-porcelain sinks for bathrooms are made from tempered glass.

These types of bathroom sinks provide an unrivaled level of quality and durability at the same time. Because they are extremely strong, these sinks can even be used outdoors.

A well-made sink made from tempered glass should last for over twenty years if properly maintained and cared for. If you prefer a more natural look, there are lots of wooden bathroom sinks on the market. However, keep in mind that this type of sink is not as durable as a glass one.

Glass sink is a very popular choice among homeowners because it offers a number of benefits. First of all, glass sinks are quite easy to install, and you should not need any professional help with that.

In fact, these types of sinks often come with a special silicone adhesive which makes installation even easier. Just make sure the sink is clean before installing it, as otherwise, you may have problems with adhesion.

Another benefit of a glass sink is that it doesn’t stain as other materials do. However, if you want to avoid spots on your new sink, you should definitely clean it regularly and always use a mild cleaner when doing so. Also, make sure the sink is completely dry before using it again, or you may stick water drops to it.

In order to keep your new glass sink clean, you should make sure that the bathroom is always well ventilated. This will help prevent mold or mildew from developing on the surface of the sink.

One of the great things about a glass sink is that you can find one that fits your bathroom style. You can choose anything from an industrial-looking trough sink to a traditional rectangular bowl or even a vessel sink.

No matter which kind of design you prefer, there are lots of choices available on the market.

14. Soapstone Sink

Soapstone sink material is a waste stone that is found in the area of the Seolcheon River. It has been widely used since 2000 years ago (BC 206). In Goguryeo Dynasty, it was called ‘Gyungnae Soapstone,’ and people used that as their dishes and plates.

Farmers made their farming tools such as plows and hoes; also, they made drinking cups. It is a non-porous stone that usually comes in cream or beige color with characteristic red dots and streaks.

This material can withstand high temperatures without changing its colors or shape. It is very hard to produce scratch marks on soapstone sink material. Other synthetic materials have gradually replaced soapstone sink material, but occasionally, they are used in the kitchen, bathroom, and garden.

It is environment-friendly; when you use a soapstone sink, you do not need to use paper towels or sponges. You can wash your dishes by hand, and they will look new all the time.

It does not create toxic substances that harm our bodies, and when the surface gets scratched, they are easily visible, and they can be repaired by polishing. It is budget-friendly to use because it does not cost too much; you just need to buy soapstone sink material, making a soapstone sink. Thus, using Soapstone Sink is a good way of saving money.

15. Wooden Sink

A wooden sink is a kind of sink made from wood. It is mainly used in the bathrooms and kitchen that have small spaces. However, it has several disadvantages (i.e., easily broken; needs to be replaced often when they are old; etc.).

If you want to buy one for decoration or if you live in an apartment but have enough space, a wooden sink is a good choice. On the other hand, if you live in an old house that cannot be renovated or any other house with limited space, a wooden sink may not suit you.

As we all know that it is easy to break and needs to be replaced often when it is old, wood material may cost more than plastic one. It has many advantages to the cost. First of all, it looks natural and beautiful as real wood.

It is suitable for classic style or country style decoration. For instance, if your bathroom or kitchen is built with wooden walls and floor tiles, a wooden sink will really fit in there.

The next advantage of using a wooden sink is that you can choose the most suitable one for your home. This is because there are many different styles of wooden sinks, such as natural wood, painted wood, or colored wood.

The other advantage of using this sink is that it can last for a long time and stay in good condition if you maintain it well and refinish it from time to time (i.e., varnished it).

It is unnecessary to deny that wooden sink has some disadvantages such as being easily broken, the requirement of regular maintenance, and being more expensive than other sinks.

If you are a person who wants to get something for a long time and do not want to replace things often when they are old, a plastic or stainless steel sink may be the best choice for you.

Besides, if you care about environmental protection, it is not a good choice to use a wooden sink that may be manufactured illegally and endanger the environment. In the future, people who have enough money and want to enjoy luxurious things can buy wooden sinks because of their luxury.

16. Slate Sink

Stone sinks are becoming a popular trend in interior design these days, especially because of their aesthetic appeal and additional functions. You might see many kitchens with stone sinks built-in into them.

The stone sink is basically made from slate glass that has been sandblasted or cut out to make grooves within it, which allows the slate sink to be durable and not easily damaged.

There are many other beautiful stone sinks out there on the market, including marble, granite, or soapstone. Still, they may cost a lot of money because those materials are natural and have very fine quality.

The slate sink is always available in only one color, which is black. The good thing about this kind of sink is that you can use it on any kind of countertop, including marble, granite, or wood.

There are various kinds of stone sinks available, and the most common is the single basin which has two main styles: classic and contemporary. Let’s quickly discuss different features of the slate sink so that you can choose the one that suits your kitchen best.

When we think about stone sinks, the first question that comes to our mind is why the slate sink is so popular? It’s because the slate sink has many good quality features such as:

  • Long-Lasting Material
  • Durability
  • Different Designs and Colors
  • Easy to Clean Slate Sink
  • Good Aesthetic Value
  • Versatility
  • Affordable Price
  • Multifunctional

Final Verdict

With so many options available, it’s often difficult to decide which type of sink is the best option for your kitchen. This blog post will explore some of the most popular types of kitchen sink materials and give you an idea of what they are good at, as well as their disadvantages.

We hope this information helps make your decision easier! If you have any additional questions about these materials or anything else related to kitchens in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us- we would love to help.

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