How To Make A Bigger Hole In A Porcelain Sink [Explained]

A porcelain sink is a beautiful addition to any home. Indeed, they are often more expensive than other sinks, but one of the benefits is that they don’t rust and can last a lifetime with proper care.

However, there may come a time when you need to make an even more giant hole in your porcelain sink. They look great, and they’re easy to clean, but what if you want to make the hole in your sink bigger?

This article will discuss three ways to make a giant hole in a porcelain sink without breaking it. We also recommend you to read our detailed guide on detailed reviews on copper sinks & expert reviews on stainless steel sinks.

Steps On How To Make A Bigger Hole In A Porcelain Sink Using A Diamond-Tipped Drill Bit

Step One: Using a drill, create an indent on the side of your sink. You will want to make this about ½ inch deep, and wide enough for the head off the bit you are using.

Step Two: Place the top of the diamond-tipped hole saw over that spot in your sink. Turn it so that when you turn it on, it will drill into the sink at a 90-degree angle.

Step Three: Use your foot to firmly press down and turn on the power switch of your saw as you start drilling for maximum penetration and cutting ability. Continue until you have made a hole that is approximately larger than you would like it to be.

Step Four: Remove the saw and use a file to smooth out any rough edges. This will ensure that you can get all of your dishes in without them getting stuck on the sides or bottom of the sink.

Warning: If this is not done carefully, it can result in chipping off pieces of porcelain or cracking them.

Step Five: Using a star bit, make an indent in the back of your sink for where you will want to mount the spigot and then install it in place with its included mounting hardware.

You may need assistance from someone else or a second person to help hold this still while you drill into place so that you don’t have any issues with it moving.

Step Six: Place the spigot where you made an indent in your sink and then tighten it into place using its included mounting hardware. You will want to be sure that this is tightly secured before turning on the water so that there isn’t a chance of leakage or spillage from it.

Step Seven: Turn on the water and use your hand to test that it is evenly flowing from both spigots. If not, you may need to make some adjustments so that there isn’t any difference in pressure between them, or they are left running all of the time.

You can adjust this by turning one of these valves clockwise or counterclockwise until you have it at the same.

Steps On Making a Bigger Hole Using a Drill Bit with a Makeshift Water Spigot

Step One: Before starting, it is essential to ensure that the water spigot you are using is angled at about 45 degrees. You want to create a steady stream of coolant running through your sinkhole when drilling with the drill bit.

Step Two: Assemble your tools and set up what’s called a makeshift cooler or cone around the area where you will be drilling. This cone should have a tube sticking out of the top and going into your sinkhole, as well as two tubes coming from the bottom that is bent at 45 degrees.

Step Three: Drill with the drill bit using coolant running through it until you hit porcelain again. If there is no porcelain, drill until the sink is completely full of water.

Step Four: Once you’ve drilled to porcelain again, hold your hand over one end of a tube that’s coming from underneath the cone and turn on the spigot or hose attached to it. This will cause coolant to flow through and out of both tubes.

Step Five: Repeat this process until you have your desired hole size, and then clean up the mess!

Steps On Making a Bigger Hole Using a Diamond-Tipped Hole Saw with Pilot Hole

Step One: Another best way to make a giant hole is using the diamond-tipped hole saw with a pilot hole. You need to buy a diamond-tipped hole saw with a pilot hole.

Pilot holes are used for drilling into metal that is less dense than the material of the blade, which ensures you drill on a correct spot and will not breakthrough.

Step Two: Use your measuring tape or ruler to measure how much larger in diameter you want this new hole to be. This can be as much as 20% more than the current hole size in your porcelain sink or less, depending on what you want to do with it.

Step Three: Once you have decided how big a new opening you need, place the drill bit at an angle and slowly turn until it is firmly embedded into the porcelain and has gone through to the other side.

Step Four: Use a diamond-tipped hole saw with a pilot hole to drill into your porcelain sink just like you did before, but this time using water as a lubricant. The reason for this is because when it cuts from one side of something to another (in our case, a porcelain sink), it can be tough to do on its own.

Step Five: Drill slowly, and make sure that you keep the water inside the hole you’re drilling as much as possible while doing so. Never let your drill bit dry out of water or stop running for too long before resuming again because this will cause the drill bit to overheat and lose its temper.

Step Six: Once you have finished drilling through with water, turn off your hose and let everything dry out for a few minutes before proceeding any further. This is important because if there’s still too much water in the hole when we go on, it can cause excessive damage or make the hole too big.

Step Seven: Once you have let the porcelain dry out for a few minutes, take your drill bit and start drilling again from the other side of where you left off before until it’s firmly embedded in there as well.

This will help secure any cracks that may develop at either end of this new opening because we increased its size.

Final Verdict

With these simple steps, you can make a big hole in your porcelain sink that will be so much more useful! Remember always to use safety gear and follow all instructions carefully.

You can use a porcelain sink for years, but sometimes you just need to make it bigger. We’ve got the simple steps on how to do so without a trip to Home Depot.

It doesn’t matter if your sink is in an apartment or a mansion – we’ve all been there and done that! Maybe this will be helpful too?

Good luck with your project!

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